The Covid Concept

Officially fully vaccinated. 

Alhamdulillah, received my second dose of Astrazeneca yesterday with everything went well. 

When it comes to deciding whether or not I am to be vaccinated, this commitment falls under ikhtiar – an effort. An effort to fight Covid-19 by building herd immunity in the country so the population will become immune to the virus. That is how things will work as we understand. With humane limited yet sufficient knowledge, as we learned through and are advised by the experts, highly encouraged by the government –  we / I take this action and go for it!

‘Taking the vaccine as an ikhtiar’ – when we say this, it stops there. 

La haula wala quwwata illa billahil ‘aliyyil ‘azhim. 

The vaccine, regardless of what type it is, has no power at all to stop the virus from infecting us. Only Allah alone could protect us and nothing else, nor the vaccine. Only Allah alone could harm us and nothing else, all by His wills. 

With or without a vaccine, we are obliged to Tawakkaltu’alaAllah but the Prophet (s.a.w) ordered us to do ikhtiar first, through one of his hadiths – “Tie your camel first, and then put your trust in Allah.” (Narrated by Al-Tarmidhi). 

Before we vacc, we put our trust in Allah to protect us from the virus with the affordable ikhtiar we took at the moment – by staying at home and observing SOPs. These were minimal so whenever we had to go out and about, we put our trust in Allah fully to protect us from the virus.

Now that we have a stronger ikhtiar, which is the vaccine. Let’s take a moment to ask ourselves these ;

  1. Are we more confident to go out now? Why? 
  2. Do we feel safer? Why? 


3. How much is our level of trust in Allah, now? Is it still the same as before? 

Question 1 and 2, if one’s answer to those is “Yes, because I am already vaccinated” – do you think it’s right? It means that we have pulled a portion of our trust from Allah and put it on the vaccine. A part of us is trusting Allah and another part of us is trusting our vaccinated bodies. Do your math and this automatically answers the 3rd question. 

Q1 and 2, even if we answer them with No or somewhere in between, the Why is still vital for us to observe. Not saying that we can’t be more confident and feel safer, but why? That ‘Why‘ is what we have to pay attention to.

Wallahi, the 3rd question is very crucial to our faith. There’s nothing in the world that could substitute nor complement our trust in Allah, no matter what it is. Vaccines; no matter how scientifically studied and proven they are, have no power to protect us without Allah’s will. Hence Allah is The Ultimate Protector before and after vaccine so how could we feel more confident now with the vaccine jabbed into our body?

The thing that should actually increase is our hope. Our hope that Allah will protect us with the ikhtiar that we present to Him, not with empty hands. Telling Him that we have done efforts, we have followed what the Prophet (s.a.w) taught us and we have taken the risks. We are scared, we are vulnerable and confused as we don’t know everything but we put all these aside, denying the power of others but Allah alone – and so we submit. Vaccines too, as doubted by many anti-vaxxers out there, also do not have any power to harm us in any way.

Getting infected by Covid (and even being died of Covid) is a written fate. It has got nothing to do with or without vaccine. We say it’s just an as asbab. In believing in Qada’ and Qadr, God does not need a reasoning to fate something to us. It’s all His will, it’s all what He wants it to happen He makes it happened – Qaddarallahu wa masya ‘afa’al. 

The asbab is made for us, we are the ones who needed asbab to fit our logic when something happens, even if it’s just a “maybe”. Hence it is not right to :

1) Blame those who got Covid for not taking vaccines or not observing SOPs; but

2) Say “it’s taqdir” only for those who take vaccine and still get Covid.

Because it is bias and it shows that we’re not sticking to the faith in believing the fate. With or without vaccines, the person who got infected with Covid was destined and carefully chosen by The Almighty to experience it at that particular time, by that particular close contact, on that particular stage, etc, etc. We can’t be bias in our comment as it is the work of Allah we’re talking about – wa hua ‘ala kulli syai’in qadeer.

The vaccine that we took does not make us be more superior than before, nor we are more superior than others without vaccines. It’s an ikhtiar and it stops there. This is the Covid concept I am sticking to in living this pandemic decently, in guarding my faith earnestly. May Allah help us all.

Truly, the presence of Covid in our lives in recent years is nothing but to teach us lessons after lessons, to send us reminders after reminders. Make Covid as a mean for us to remember Allah more, and praise Him even more. Subhanallah.

As ever,

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