Four Months After Resignation

I wanted to write a blogpost talking about my “1 Month After Resignation”, but it was too late.

Then I wanted to write the “2 Months After Resignation” post but I didn’t even realize I have gone past two months.

Suddenly it’s already been a quarter of one year! Then I started drafting the post for “3 Months After Resignation.”

But then the moment I’m about to post it now is about “4 Months After Resignation”. Hahaha. Time is a crazy sprinter in this end of world era and we’re so at loss. So here goes…


My last day of work was on the 22nd of April 2021 – I will never forget this date. A journey begins as a housewife, a stay-at-home mother, a homemaker, a house minister, a household engineer, or whatever you call it! But one title that I kinda like is this – a domestic goddess! Yeahhh… Hope it doesn’t mean like an old maid! Lol.

Approaching the last day, there was a boatload of things running on my mind. In the midst of completing my work and handing over my jobs to the replacement, I was also busy planning for my new life. I had had lots of things I wanted to do all these while but due to work commitment (mainly), I didn’t get to do them. No time, unfocused, not prioritised whatever excuses that is. Soon to have that time-freedom of mine, I was so overwhelmed of course!

It was Ramadhan on the first month after I left the company. The vibes of the holy month somehow slowed-down other agendas and encouraged me to be on ibadah mode. Other than that, I was just all about thinking what to cook for iftar… Yes, that thinking only took the whole day u know, haha. Raya mood was totally blown-off as we had Eid in lockdown again this year.

After everything and how it was supposed to be a back-to-reality moment as in back-to-work, it hit me right that now that moment for me is a new reality. It’s not work anymore. It’s just home. All day err day at home! What do I do?!

Feeling clueless, I began contacting my people whom have been staying at home for years. My housewifey cousins, my work-at-home sister, and friends who left corporate job not for another corporate job. I was like ‘interviewing’ them (lol) on how they adapted the new life, their activities, etc. Basically on how people are living the lives when they have no strict commitment – work.

Been texting and texting until one light dialogue led to this – “anyway sis, whatever you wanna do, just don’t procrastinate.” Dang! Ha ha ha… That was all the point that smacked!

Procrastinating. Yes, that was all the issue actually. It’s not that I don’t know what to do, how to do and where to start, noo… I was just procrastinating things. Being too overwhelmed while pushing my laziness forward and denying that time is wasted so I procrastinate. Stop it, self!!


Spirit onz and I moved my butt off!

First, I spring-cleaned several parts of my home that have been like a garbage nook. My clothes drawer, my kids’; I separated out the unwanted clothes and reshuffled the current ones to suit the lockdown mode with more day-wears and pyjamas, less outing clothes. My kitchen, which then was not always smoky, now it’s becoming my new workstation? Ahha… I reorganized all the spices containers, spring cleaned the fridge, the tabletop and under until everything looks more friendly..hehe. Oh not to forget, I rearranged all my books too! Yeay.. Thank you Husband for gifting me with two Ikea book cases for my last birthday. Finally a little library of mine after two years moving in this house! And several other Marie-Kondo projects that I did like a war. With the kids joining me too, yes that’s what I meant by ‘war’.

Second, I began constructing a habit-tracker. Listing all the activities I need to do daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly. Those activities included the endless house chores, personal and spiritual rites, and kids home-schooling schedule. By having this habit tracker, things somehow don’t really look endless and I also don’t wake up feeling clueless. There’s always this tracker I can refer to that’s shouting hello your plate is full so could you just stop daydreaming?

The clutters in my mind becoming more organized in the second month and I felt so peaceful and happy enjoying the life of not being employed. It’s so so good Alhamdulillah and I’ve made the best decision ever Biiznillah.


Came the third month, things changed. As we’re now on national lockdown, schools are closed hence teachings and learnings are carried out online (PdPR). Cut the story short, the schedule was then included in my daily activities to monitor the kids classes every morning and to keep track of their homework assigned in Google Classroom.

Pressure is on! My days becoming hay-wired and so stressful due to this one agenda. Seriously… I totally disagree with this education system by the ministry. It’s just enough to blow a fuse in me for one whole month until I decided to cry uncle and call it off… That’s it. Let’s just talk about it more next time, in another post.

Those were how eventful I lived my life over the past three months after resignation, at home while being surrounded by five bambinos for 24/7! If I were being asked as how’s life? It’s definitely good, in fact better. Life is better being unemployed it’s something that I guess I silently hoped for at once upon a time but who would’ve ever thought it is now – for real? MasyaAllah, it’s all His unique plans.


Entering the fourth month, I started writing again. Hello Salzy Mommyhood Blog, it’s gonna be alive afresh! I want to be writing again, I want to write more and always. Writing is my inner passion that will grow together with my life wisdom. The more I write, the more thinking I make in understanding the essence of life in various sentiment. I’m having plenty of time now but quality time is quite hard-to-get. I’m a Mommy, remember! So yeah, working or not working, if you’re a Mom – you’re a fulltime juggler! #gotcha

It’s okay. To me, writing is about pouring in whatever thoughts running in mind. Thinking is happening all the time in the head, whenever I have proper time later I will steal my husband’s laptop and do the typing. My writing mantra is, “Write and bleed, like nobody will ever read.” How does it sound? Hehehe..

That’s my story of these four months after resignation. Let’s see how things work after 1 year. May all be well.

As ever,

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