Childhood Memory

Can someone please vouch this for me? Every time I buy this particular Apollo Choc Wafer for my kids, my mind will robotically throw back to my childhood and recall that in my time, the wafer included in the pack is 4 sticks, right? Not 3!

Now that it’s only 3 inside and I’m always not satisfied. Inflation must definitely be the reason for its re-packaging that’s understandable. My issue is – is my childhood memory correct? That’s the question. #gunfingered #pointingonthehead

And that’s such a lame question to ask even anyone. Hahaha. I don’t even bother to ask my husband this cause sometimes a tiny issue like this could lead to a hot discussion then finally raise a nonsense argument so just forget it and blog instead. Hahaha…

It’s just that, I kinda miss the old days. My childhood wasn’t extremely adventurous but I did have those little adventures and fun moments. Back in my kampung in Terengganu, walking to the village-shop without adults felt so wild and free with RM5 in my pocket; that was loaded! I could buy a bunch of candies and wafers stocked up for daysss. Imagine the excitement!

Kids todays? Home-bounded! Totally… And it has been for two years they haven’t gone to school. Shops are not allowing them to enter. I’m just wondering what memories will they keep in mind about their childhood, yah? As for my elder twos, they are 8 and 7 this year so these are the years that will start to stay in their minds and are what they will retrospect when they grow up. I just hope that they won’t just recall ceilings and walls and screens!

Two days ago we took a relax on the SOP a little to bring them all out for some fun. We went to an empty open area nearby the house just to catch some insects! Butterflies, dragonflies and grasshoppers haul brought home as new pets for several days and they were totally overjoyed!

Sigh… Hang on, kids. This lockdown will end soon and everything will be back to normal. You’ll be going back to school, we’ll go holidays to anywhere you wanna go! Okay? For now, stay home and stay safe…

As ever,

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