Something Wrong Somewhere

I am currently studying Surah Al-Alaq from Juzu’ Amma, the chapter that we knew begins with the very first aayat being sent down to the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w).

From the book Ibrah dari Juz’ Amma by Dr. Kamaru Salam, the author mentioned that prior to the first revelation, the Prophet was lost and in confusion. He felt that something was wrong somewhere with the human society, not only in life of the people in Makkah but also the whole world. Hence due to the unsettled feelings, he brought himself alone to Jabal Nur to think and reflect. Which then, came the angel Jibrail to him with “Iqra”, the beginning of the whole divine guidance to change the whole world in accordance to Islam. Praise be upon him…

The situation above is so astounding to me when the author mentioned that usually the something-wrong-somewhere feeling is actually a starting point of a person’s consciousness that will lead to change. Without any displeasure with what is happening, one will find it difficult to change and transform.

To feel unsettled, to feel confused are actually the feelings that will make us search for answers. To be searching also means that we’re wanting for guidance. One who wants to be guided, will then be guided insyaAllah. The point is to want for it and work towards it. The rule of thumb is to return to The One who has the answer.

Let’s start this by questioning ourselves if there’s something wrong somewhere with ourselves, our lives, and the way we live our lives? Our principles, our fikrah, our understanding of the religion, our purpose. Are we on the right path towards our ultimate goal?

Be open and ready to find mistakes and fallacies in the beliefs that we have held for so long. We might be shocked, confused, lost and we might also be entrapped in arguments. These conflicts could be very difficult but these also will make us seek Allah in full of hopes for help and guidance.

The dunya in the present days is full of fitnah and we always wished to be avoided by that. But can we avoid it by just being ignorant? Shouldn’t we equip ourselves to face what’s coming? Let us be more conscious of that something wrong somewhere in our lives in order for us to start correcting ourselves to be a better servant of Allah.  May He guide us all, and make us be among the righteous. Ameen.

As ever,

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