From Complaints to Gratitude

Covid-19. Coronavirus.

There’s really no words to describe how bad this ugly virus has wrecked the world ever since its appearance in 2019. It made histories, it changed everything and everyone whether or not they’re infected by the disease. PANDEMIC. It changed the world in so many ways, like never before. This virus, is totally incredible. MasyaAllah. #covidisreal

But then somehow, you know what is more incredible than this? It is that, for 20 months it’s been spreading rigorously on earth, mystically it has not once touched myself and my family. And maybe you, too? With so many things going on around us, so many places we still had to go for errands and such, Allah has protected and is still protecting us from the virus for these whole 20 rigid months ALHAMDULILLAH ALLAHU AKBAR.

That’s just how I wanna see it. This duration that took weeks into months into years; grounded us at home from the first MCO to full lockdowns, no outings, no picnics, no balik kampung and no hari raya; I just wanna see it as a blessing in disguise, period.

If I could twist these from many people :
Dah setahun duduk rumah.
Dah setahun tak balik kampung.
Dah setahun raya sendiri.
Dah setahun tak pegi holiday.
Dah setahun hidup dengan Covid nie!
Fed up!

To this one and only phrase :


To remember this phrase and to realize the gist in it, what would be the only thing that will come out from our mouth? None other than – ALHAMDULILLAH.

Despite having to stay at home at all.
Despite having to work from home.
Despite having to raya boringly.
Despite having a reduced of income.
Despite whatever that is, that still-fortunate-feeling statement would instantly shift me from complaining to being grateful. More deeply, let us reflect on this ayah below from Surah Ibrahim, verse 7.

La in syakartum la azidannakum
Wa la inkafartum inna azabi la syadid.
“If you are grateful, I will add more (favors) unto you; but if you show ingratitude, truly my punishment is terrible indeed.”

Isn’t this the perfect time that Allah has set to test our belief on His particular ayah above? If only we pay attention.

For a year, I have tried to refrain myself from saying such ungrateful phrases. Alhamdulillah Allah has made it easy for me but somehow, it’s tricky. How?

Easy Points :
I am naturally a homebody. I don’t mind staying at home for a long time, not going anywhere, alone or with my families, I’d enjoyed it in anyway. It’s not easy to get stressed in our comfort zone. I will always have things to do at home. It’s all fine.

When I was still working, my company had already practiced twice-a-week working from home for years. I already had a home office setup which I even preferred better than the office. So not having to drive all the way to the office back and forth everyday was actually a big yay!

I do miss my families and my hometown in JB. My parents, my siblings and nephews and nieces, even the places in JB especially the home itself. But in some way or another, we are in the same page of understanding that this virus is not a joke. We have no attempt to break the SOPs just to balik kampung to meet up. Safety is first and it’s always better safe than sorry. We stay in touch every day.

We also now had some kind of transportation issue. We currently don’t have a proper car to transport the seven of us at once should we have to go anywhere like the old norm. If feels like the situation is being so understanding to us.

So, all these circumstances and a lot more, really helped me to be grateful every day, Alhamdulillah.

But then yes, if it’s something good, something divine, it definitely would trigger the syaitan to do their work. These tricky issues sometimes disrupted me from feeling grateful like I should be.

Arising number of cases. I do check the daily positives updates regularly. There were numerous record-breaking days that gave me such a blunt stab on my chest. Crazy, especially the number in my own state, Selangor! What is this? It’s like this whole lockdown enforcement is not working at all. Vaccination is not helping either. Pointless?

Then, one by one suicidal cases being posted on the news, Bendera Putih campaign by the Rakyat is gruelling the soul. It’s how critical the situation now, how fragile people out there trying to survive each day.

Then this is the most frustrating – political issues. I’d better not say much about this but you know what I mean. #hopeless. They’re having such recovery plans but they somehow don’t sync with the covid progress. We have no idea when this staying-at-home and cross-state restriction are going to finish!

Okay, stop. All these negativities will not end unless we stopped it. We always have to stop, to put a deadline, an end for negative thoughts. Recall the ayah above that this complaining character falls under the category of kufur, that indeed the punishment for being kufur is severe. Yes, we are tested with many issues generally and personally but always remember that those are just tricks! Syaitan is tricky in a way that they make us feel victimised and so we start complaining and forgetting our abundance of nikmat. Syaitan is tricky in a way that they don’t make us complain in our prayers, but outside prayers? We’re blaming those people like they have all the power to bring us down. The real gratitude is above acceptance (redha), when we have no question over every Qaddarallah.

No matter how our situation is. Come rain or shine, there will always be a space for gratefulness. If we found ourselves complaining, realize quick that we are in the state of waiting for that severe punishment. Free ourselves from that. Get rid a.s.a.p! Thank God immediately. Run towards His mercy. Soak ourselves in the favors He promised to increase, and so be grateful.

As ever,

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