I’m in the midst of counting down to something BIG in my life. It will happen very soon. I cannot believe this is happening, yet it really is.

Heart is pounding. I don’t know what am I excited about, but I am. I had to go through a tough road with ugly obstacles all alone to reach to this point but I am not drained at all. Well, it is just the beginning, self. #gentlereminder

It is that feeling again. The state of time that things decided to happen, and you just can’t run. I never expected that it would happen the way it happened. What I knew, I just had to face it.

I know myself well, better and best than anyone else would do. The future is uncertain, but when your heart is certain, all is well.

The story is still under-construction, but I’m not the one holding the pen. I’ll let it dance… I hundred percent believe in The Writer.

As ever,


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