Status Update

After this, most of my stories will revolve around motherhood…back to the original purpose of this blog being created. Because, I’m just ‘promoted’ to a new title I never thought I would be…. A MOTHER OF FIVE!

Yes, it’s true, it’s real. Cliché kalau asyik nak cakap macam tak percaye sikit2 tak percaya. So let’s just accept the fact. I, the most unmotherly person could possibly have 5 kids of my own?? Being a caesarean mother since the first birth, I never thought I would ever have more than 4 kids, okay.

Kira maksimum mesti 4 jelah lepas tu ikat. Kuasa Allah, dia bagi kita TWINS. This last pregnancy, dah la unexpected a.k.a accidental! But then boleh pulak jadi dua. Rezeki.. Rezeki.

Itulah my current status update. I am now a mother to 3 handsome boys and 2 beautiful twin daughters. A wife to my wonderful husband, living life of Allah’s beautiful plans. Syukur.

As ever,


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