Let Loose

Apa yang let loose nya? Haha. Hi, I’m back! After 9 months since the last post. Well it’s still good it hasn’t passed one year. I was on a blogging hiatus again…due to too many things occupying myself since… August. Yeah, “Awful August” that I wrote last year.

But hey… It was just a beginning and there was a plot twist! Little did I know, the thing that followed thru was THE MOST WONDERFUL thing ever. MasyaAllah.

I’m owing a lot to this blog, which means a lottt to myself. So today I decided to just let loose to gain the momentum back. The writing momentum.

Usually when I feel like writing again, I will re-visit this blog and re-read my entries randomly. Most times, I will thank myself for writing all those, for taking time to drill my brain with wordings which I know not easy for me. I’m not a vocab-towkay and my English is poor…yet I wanna blog in English, huh?! Haha.

Maka that’s why lah I was thinking… Tak payah nak speaking2 lah.. Just write in Malay, just write campur2, just tell a story, just sit down and bleed, just let loose!!

Okay, baik. With this new approach… Let’s do this!! Till the next….

As ever,


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