This post appears on the see-my-memories section on FB today. I totally remember what happened this day, two years ago.

How can I forget it? It was too bad, very bad. I couldn’t believe things like that could happen, yet it happened for real.

Embarrassing. It was totally embarrassing and damaging this one person did and put the families to shame.

With disappointment, I sat and tried to calm myself, trying to understand why it happened? Things were already bad now became worst. Just, why……? 😥

I couldn’t find the wisdom, I was left puzzled and still couldn’t accept it. I still wished it never happened. I hoped it was just a bad dream.

Then I stopped questioning. Then I poured all my feelings to God, I talked to God. About the incident, and the offender, everything.. crying.

And I found this du’a. It’s a du’a that when I first read, was a hit on my head. I felt like it was all I need and I’d specially address this to. It was a relieve this du’a gave me for every time I recited it. It didn’t change my feelings toward but at least I could move on life with redha.

Sacredly earlier this year, Allah has granted my prayer. That particular prayer. Subhanallah. I never thought things can change like this. Allah did His magic, He unveiled a secret and tweaks a life long conflict in a miraculous way. MasyaAllah!

Problem solved with a plus – a reminder to me that He indeed listens and He cares of all my whimpers.

As ever,

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