Ramadhan Kareem Sadaqah Jar

Two months ago when we came to pick up our kids from the school one day, we (and other parents too) were given a cylinder money can covered with a poster of AMAN PALESTINE TABUNG RAMADHAN KAREEM (picture above). I was a little curious firstly. I’m familiar with this Aman Palestine Organization but a bit confused about the money can that’s distributed to the lil caliphs. My instant thoughts were…

Are they asking my kids to collect money for donation….?

Do my kids have to go around public area thrusting the money can to people a bit like begging…?

Oh. My. Kids……

Okay don’t get wrong first. After all, that’s not the purpose. The teacher told us that the Aman Palestine reps came today and did some activities with the kids and launched this Tabung Ramadhan Kareem, the programme they called “1 House 1 Fund“. They gave it then in March and to be returned somewhere in May during Ramadhan month with as much collections.

Such a good idea, right! Just like any piggy banks we have at home, now we have this. It makes it a simple kind of charity where we can just lump all coins scattered around the house all in this special piggy bank. Yeaa we have so many coins everywhere which we don’t even bother to keep properly. Oh not to forget big notes from the purse also cause why not! Even more special, every cent contribution is already purposed for the people in Palestine. May Allah bless our charity and their effort.

In the letter from the school, they mentioned that it’s just for home placement and we’re not allowed to collect from the public. I got pheww when I read that haha but hey I don’t mean to picture that like a child beggar if in case it’s allowed, but I just instantly flashed back to a time when I was still in primary school.

I still remember there was a school programme where we’re required to ask for donation. That was launched during Ramadhan like this for us to run it during Eid when we go balik kampung. Strategically that’s the time the kids will see their relatives and more people, huh.

So we’re given a booklet for us to list down the donater’s names, the amount they contributed and a signature column. Its for donation I repeat but also, they made it as a competition! Who collects the highest amount will win prizes. They had hampers, for the runner-ups etc and guess what the winner got? A bicycle! Collect-donation-to-win-a-bicycle. Sounds improper? Well, that’s not what I thought back then.

Cut it short, back in kampung for raya, I didn’t get to get on with it. I thought I wanna go around my uncles and aunties and all houses that I visited for raya and collect donation from them, on top of the angpow they’re giving me but mom didn’t allow me to. I was like, whyyyy Ma? Why can’t I do this? It’s for charity and if I could accumulate much, I could win prizes okay! She just gave me an uneasy reaction. She then told me she would give me money and I fill in whoever’s names and amount in it. So I created a fake list and my mom contributed everything. God bless you Ma.

Now that I’ve grown up and become a parent myself, I understand my mom’s act better. Being an adult means having responsibilities on our shoulder. Eid season is totally a fun time for kids but for adults, it’s about a long list to check and budgets to adhere to. Not everyone is well off, guys. We’d never know behind a smiley face celebrating Eid, hidden a pocket full of holes. Being a naive kid I might be approaching wrong individuals so that’s what my mother didn’t want to happen, I suppose. Just being understanding of our other relatives.

After all, doing charity is a very good deed especially when we’re at the giving end, even more those who worked for it voluntarily, I’m impressed! The Aman Palestine initiative is one that I like, and thought of continuing it on our own. InsyaAllah.

And speaking of Palestine, I pray for Allah to give our brothers and sisters over there the highest level of strength, patience and taqwa, save them from all the terrorism and for one day they will be free from all the evil and crime of the Israeli. Ameen.

When I think of them, this one song will rhyme in my mind and will remind me to keep praying for them. Inviting you to listen ~ “Palestine Tomorrow Will Be Free” by Maher Zain

As ever,

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