Life Versus Problems

I feel so distracted whenever I open my social media page and its showing the recent post that captured my eyes and when I was just about to focus and read the post, suddenly the page refreshes and its gone. Now that its not showing in the order from the latest to the oldest posts so even if I scroll down on I still couldn’t find the post just now. Have you encountered the same situation as mine?

So there was this one post that I managed to read the whole thing and yes suddenly it disappeared. I remember the points and what it wants to convey. It really gave a significant impact to myself for some time, kept me staring to the ceiling through many nights thinking of what it said.

After sooo long, I think about a year or two.. I’m still holding on to the words and that have become my motivator whenever I’m feeling a melancholy. I wanted to share it on my wall but I couldn’t find the post again and didn’t catch the friend who posted it. How disturbing it is, right?! Now I tell myself, every time I catch a post and it seems interesting, before I properly read it through, I’d first capture the person who posted it. It’s so important! Hah.

Now, back to the post I was talking about. I wanna write it down here for my own keepsakes, before I totally forget it cause at this age and with my attention-demanding life, I don’t totally trust my memory box. I don’t even remember the exact wordings anymore but the points are there and this is my version.

In a room, there are 12 people sitting on a round table facing each other. They’re problematic, depressed people. They’re required to write down their problems on a small board and put it on display so everyone can see it.

Now, every one is given a chance to exchange their problems with one another. They can choose other’s problem that they prefer to own and give away their problems to others who want it. Conditionally, none of them could leave without a takeaway.

There goes, they go through each other’s written board before decided to pick one.

After a while, slowly, all of them pull down their own board and keep it with them. No exchanges happened during the session.

That’s all.

I don’t know about you, and I don’t know whether this story is true or created but no matter what, this story is too deep for me. Hit me hard on the head about life versus problems, I reflect all these….

Guys and me self too, our lives our problems our situation are all meant for us, respectively for us. Always remember that we are all exclusive in the eyes of Allah, He designed our lives exquisitely for us to live by and deal with everything in it with the guidance from Him. Why would we want things differently? Why would we wanna be in the shoes of others’?
And so all our problems, no matter how small or big they are, believe that they are faultlessly drawn by Allah with us as the main cast in it. How special is that? One thing is for sure, there must be tests from Allah because this is what this life is for. Just like how the people in the story above, they can’t leave empty-handedly. Problems, calamities and tribulations are a must life-element.

Hence, know that every single one on earth does have problems in life. We can’t see everything but that’s for sure. And their problems are not designed for us to fit our characters and values so don’t wish to experience it for them nor they to experience ours. We see others’ wonderful lives and we’d wish to have theirs. But really if we know what’s included in the ‘package’, we gotta be at loss for words. Everyone has his own battle.

Treat our life challenges with care, appreciate them as they’re the bridge to get us closer to Allah and understand that they’re meant to be difficult. We gotta face it. We can’t wish for a problem-free life and in fact, do not wish for that cause it’s actually more terrible. Instead, ask for ease and ask for help to go through things more calmly.

Remember for every time a problem struck, do not wish to run away. Tell ourselves that this is addressed to me, this is mine and I believe I can face it. Let’s do this!

As ever,

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