Cough Syrup for Pregnant Women

To all preggy mothers out there, if you’re having cough during pregnancy and in search of medicines to sooth your throat and subside your cough finally, I would like to share this particular cough syrup that you can take that is effective and most importantly, it’s confirmed pregnancy-safe.

Prospan Cough Syrup with Dried Ivy Leaf Extract

I consumed this during my second pregnancy and also in this third pregnancy recently and it cured my very bad cough in less than a week. You can have a try. Any sickness, please do not let it be prolonged just because you’re not wanting to take in any medicine during pregnancy, okay? As long as it’s confirmed safe by doctors and gynae, just consume it and be healthy back again. I parked it here for anyone’s reference and mine too!

As ever,

One thought on “Cough Syrup for Pregnant Women

  1. I read in many sites that there are no studies conducted that would prove this med’s safety for pregnant women. My gyne also recommended this (I’m in my first trimester) but I’m having second thoughts about taking it. Were there no side effects at all when you took it? For how long did you take this med and how fast did it work?

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