The End of First Trimester

It’s gone! Finally the challenging first 13 weeks of pregnancy have gone altogether with all its packages. Alhamdulillah, I’m still pregnant and much healthier. Time to story about it.


Almost a week of missed period. Ding dong! Am I pregnant? Erm…that question must come to mind because my period has always been consistent. When it comes to this late period thing, I can never wait. There and then I must do the UPT check just to confirm it soonest – even if it’s positive or negative, I don’t mind. But to stay in denial or keep on wondering for weeks whether it’s actually coming or not, I just can’t! Haha… Curiosity kills. So I detected this pregnancy as early as 4 weeks plus. It’s positive, Alhamdulillah.


I announced this pregnancy to my husband through a piece of card. He was so surprised and did not expect it at all. Soon-to-be a father of 3, he’s more excited than I was! 😀



I experienced morning sicknesses in all my pregnancies, no exception. But this one was reallll guys! It started as early as 6 weeks and got me so fatigued all the time. And it lasted for like 5 weeks? Yeah… 5 weeks of me being weak and fragile was so dispiriting. Housework, kids’ activities, reading, blogging or even leisure outings; all being put on pause just because I had no energy and mood for all those. The only thing I could and had to focus on was my work in office just to make sure no compiling backlogs despite me taking MCs for many days.

Thank God it’s slowing down by time and I gained my energy back. But one thing, even though I was always having nausea, my appetite was still so good. Haha. I got hungry all the timeee oh my God I’m so gaining triple weight from this pregnancy! Scaryyy…. but hungryyy…!!


My first antenatal check-up was done at 7 weeks 3 days. The first visit to confirm my pregnancy through scan and to officiate the pink book. Because I haven’t decided where will I be giving birth this time, I’m having my check-ups just at a private clinic nearby. Maybe I’ll start seeing hospital gynae by the third trimester.

Alhamdulillah we could see the sac and the ‘baby’ during the first scan but because it was still too small, the doctor couldn’t detect the heartbeat yet. Only during the second visit at 11 weeks 5 days, we heard the heartbeat and it has shaped a ‘baby’ but it’s still very small…just about 5.05cm. Everything was okay, Alhamdulillah except my weight gain. Errpp…Haha.


I know this shouldn’t be a topic yet in the first trimester, haha. A baby bump or a fatty bump, it’s already showing and I have started wearing maternity pants as early as 11 weeks! Haha…helpppp…!! I have also started collecting belly photos of myself of this pregnancy. Fatty, chubby or what…let’s just face it!


This is the most interesting one. Edhany has always been asking for a baby since months ago. When we got to know about this pregnancy, we thought of keeping it a secret from him because we know he’ll be bugging us for 9 months to see the baby out for real. But how could we? To see his excitement is so priceless. This boy is gonna make one good and kind big brother for the little ones, insyaAllah.

Errasy? Yeaa he’s excited too but still being the most manja as always! For now, there’s no signs of jealousy detected. Let’s see how it goes!


Pregnancy is a journey that I will cherish joyfully no matter it is the first time, or the tenth time. I will not be forever pregnant and I also have limited chances to carry a baby in my tummy hence for every opportunity Allah is giving me I’m most grateful and will try to make the best of it, insyaAllah.

This time is more precious as I’m sharing this closely not just with my husband but with my two children who already understand about welcoming another family member. I hope everything will go well with this pregnancy, safe and smooth inside and outside, till the day and after. Now, welcome second trimester!

As ever,

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