Kids’ First Day of Pre-School


Finally the time came for me to experience this. All these while, I’d been watching people sending their kids to school and I couldn’t wait for my time. I thought it’s gonna be an all exciting feeling cause that’s what I could see from the pictures. Which was yes, after we have completed the registration for them two, I was so relieved that we finally reached a mutual agreement and felt certain with the decision. Two months to go, the feelings gradually changed and mixed. I was so overwhelmed! I kept on mentioning “they’re going to school soon!” like 20 times a day just to make sure that my husband was aware on that. Haha.

There was nothing much on the preparation. Almost everything was already included in the registration package from the uniforms, school bags and also stationery. Good! That was such a duty discount for me cause I was actually really not well during that period due to my heavy morning sickness.

Reaching the day, I got more and more emotional. I don’t know why… and I never expected this feeling. I even cried a few times knowing the fact that my kids were really going to school soon. The fact that they’ve grown up and are stepping to another phase of life, getting to be more independent and time will run even faster. Suddenly they’ll be in primaries, then primaries end. Secondaries, then secondaries end. In no time they’ll be in college and graduated and that’s it. It’s all gonna be really fast once it’s started and now that it’s going to start already, for real! How can a mother not be disturbed? And so I cried even moreee…!!

Hahaha… That was how dramatic I was. It’s so different from the time when I was to send them to the babysitter at only 2 months old! I was just so cool but now? This is weird, Mom.

In the morning of the first day, Edhany the elder one was all fine to get ready but Errasy was a bit cranky. He’s not used to getting up early so it’s a challenge for us to get him dressed. At school, we arrived early and they started to get excited with the fancy colorful kindy’s interior. When more and more kids came in, there were some of them crying and refusing to be in school. When Edhany saw them like that and that we told him we’re about to leave, he began to cry too! Oh my….. we gotta face this drama too!

It took us a few minutes to calm him down and leave slowly. I thought I would cry the moment I left them to the teachers’ hands but because my kid was already crying, it kinda ruined my touchy-feely mood. Haha.

Back from school when we picked them up, Edhany was fine but Errasy cried! The teacher said it was because he didn’t want to separate from his brother when they’re grouped by class. Oh my little baby! In fact, from our observation, Errasy is the smallest in size among all kids. Well of course, he’s enrolled as a 4-year-old but his actually age is only 3 years and 2 months he’s still so small for this. Plus, he was only successfully potty-trained just a month ago. That’s why I’m a bit fretful for him. But in terms of self-bringing, we believe he’ll do pretty good.

There goes the first day of school that I’d been curiously waiting for. It went normal after all and this is just the beginning, one for the history. Happy pre-schooling kids!!


As ever,

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