Welcome 2018

Hello 2018 and this is my first post of the year! Happy New Year, everyoneee… How has it been? Thank God for the opportunity to still live until this year, breathing new!

I’m always excited about New Year. The 1st of Januaries are always special to me. It’s the time of the year that I feel so renewed, so fresh. Do you feel the same too? Well some might not and think that it’s just another day that makes another year and it happens every year, so what’s the big deal? Yeah, everyone can have his or her own take about New Year and any other days of the year too. That what makes us all different and there’s really no issue about that.

As for myself, a New Year is like a big gift to me. Well of course every day is a gift too but a New Year is a little bit more special as it changes our age. Though my birthday is in April, I already regard myself as 32 as soon as the last number of the date changed from ’17 to ’18. I am 32 already! Unofficially, but Alhamdulillah. Hehe.

I also regard myself as a very date-oriented person. I remember things by date, or at least by month of the year of occurrences – not everything, but most significant things. If I don’t remember a certain thing; that means it’s something I don’t care about. Hehe, I’m kidding. That’s because I’m also just a forgetful human. So again, a New Year means a new series of happenings to be recorded in my newly installed memory box renamed as “2018’s”.

How did you spend your New Year day? Me, I had a simple day with family and friends and we talked about our New Year resolutions. When talked about mine, I told them that I think I don’t have any goals for this year. But actually no, I do have goals for this year, how can I not? Haha. It’s just that it’s not clearly put yet. I can’t have things in mind but not written down, it’s indefinite to me. Hence, this whole first week is about me squeezing time thinking about my 2018 and writing things down clearly. It’s a busy week at work and my kids were also starting school; suddenly the first weekend is here. Time really is running, 2018 is gonna end very fast just like other years.

May this year be another amazing year for you and for me. Let’s do something, make a difference. Don’t just exist, live. Take care and Happy New Year 2018!


As ever,

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