I Couldn’t Find Words

Hi! I couldn’t find worddds! Haaa…currently fasting for Ramadhan (this post is scheduled forward). Slow down on the net but having a few titles in my list to blog about but at the moment, I just couldn’t find words. Maybe due to the hungry effect but I had quite heavy meal during sahur, and it’s just 10 am now! It doesn’t make sense, self.

Been writing a quarter-way through just to fathom out what am I actually talking about? It’s usually the intro para. Will kick start with something else, typing and typing up until more than 100 words and still couldn’t connect with the topic I was supposed to write in the first place.

Something is wrong. When I have free time like this, the brain just won’t deliver. When I am busy with so many things in mind and my hands and feet are all occupied, ideas are also pouring. And suddenly you know, when you have ideas crossing through, you won’t wanna let it be gone forgotten. So you hold, you hold with your eyes rounding and mouth mumbling to keep those ideas stay in your mind. You’re still moving, still being busy, but now everything works in an auto-mode. See how wonderful humans can be. After a while, your mind is back to reality and all you know is that your errands are all done. The difference is whether it’s well done, or worst done!

Is it you? Or just me??

That’s about it. Sometimes, we can’t force our mental and physical to sync. They are their own selves, to be catered exclusively. Haaa what is that?? I am purely babbling non-sense here. If you’re still reading until this word, you have been wasting your time about 5 minutes. I have no point honestly.. I just couldn’t find words. Oh, don’t curse. I’ll be back with a nifty piece! Toodles.

Till the next post,

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