My 2017 Has Just Started

It’s February and my 2017 has just started. Yes, I just came back from my Umrah trip from 20th until 31st of January 2017. Subhanallah, it was a very meaningful journey to me. It’s my first time there and I hope it’s not the last one. Also, it’s a good start for my 2017 and I’m thankful for the opportunity that came sooner than I ever thought. Truth that Allah is the best planner and it’s never a waste to put our hopes in Him. He, indeed, listens.

In January, I only spent my time preparing for the trip; from learning the stuff until packing the luggage, and also arranging my work at office to be left for my colleagues while I’m away. Now that I’m back, fresh and ready for 2017. Haha, isn’t it too late already? No! It’s never too late to start anything that you ever wanna do. As for myself, I have got my resolutions ready by December.

Here’s my resolution lists categorized accordingly based on 9 Life Areas for Goal Setting by Travis Robertson. Usually I just list down things randomly but now when I go by categories, it gets me more focused.

New Year Resolutions 2017.JPG

There goes, briefly :). More details are in my planner, hehe.

A new year resolutions is a must to me. It is like a compass for me to refer when I get lost. In anytime of the year, there are times we would feel sluggish and life is just slow moving and unfocused. Like erm…post-vacation mode? Post-festive or after an illness defeating us for a day or two. Yeah, anything that relates to a break will require such an effort to get back on track. Don’t waste time! Remember that you have a goal in life and in the year..get back to your “compass” and get the momentum to restart.

Now is the time for me to get moving. The Umrah trip has promoted me with more spirit to live a purposeful life. Except the fact that I am missing my kids so much I haven’t seen them since I am back a week ago. But it’s okay, this week is ending quick I’m running to them in no time! Have a great year ahead, everyone!

Till the next post,


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