Even If I’m Right

When I was young and immature, I stood on the principle of “Customer is always right”. Customer services at restaurants, shops or online must be at par performance. I was fussy, strict on my needs, could not tolerate mistakes and I am always right.

After graduation, I worked in a company as a junior executive. Being in Finance department is well-known of it’s stress and heavy workloads. More to that, I had a bad boss who was so inconsiderate and always finding mistakes. I was so bullied but as an employee, nothing much I can do than just bear the pressure on me. Until one point I couldn’t take it anymore, I blew up and had a fight with the manager in the middle of the department. I knew I was right and everybody knew she’s sick and annoying so I knew everybody would be on my side. I shouted right on the boss’ face and we’re fighting over a matter. Afterwards, we both were called by the senior manager to solve the problem. I even cried in the room. It was the most stressful moment dealing with sick people.

As I grow older, I realized how bad was the attitude. Looking back at those incidents I feel so ashamed of myself. Bursting out in public is really embarrassing no matter whether you are right or wrong. From there, I learned to control my anger and never want to get mad over minor issues with minor people.

Even if I’m right, it is not worth it to waste my time arguing with these toxic humans. Even if I’m right, I don’t deserve high blood pressure to prove myself right. Even if I’m right, I don’t have to embarrass myself in front of the public who actually don’t care that I am right. They don’t deserve my anger.


On customer services, I always bear in mind that these people are doing their job. When things don’t go my way and they apologize, I learn to say “it’s ok” even when it’s actually not ok. There is always another day and I’d be hopeful it will not happen again.

But when services are truly bad and the staff are really sickening, of course I feel like teaching them a lesson. This case, I’ll do it right, I’ll tell them and them only, not the whole restaurants or shops. I’ll do it once only and if they’re still rude, I will just walk away and know that there’s no next-time for this company anymore.

I remember an episode on Grey’s Anatomy when Dr. Alex Karev was having a fight with another doctor and Meredith Grey was there to stop the argument as they’re almost punching each other. She pushed Alex to the side and asked him to walk away. She said “Walk away! Walk away….justtt…walk away…” Alex left straight and not turned back at all. Hehe…I love that scene and dialogue so much Meredith is great! Karev is cool! Hence every time I happened to be involved with this kind of situation, I’ll whisper this to myself and walk away. Feeling Meredith. :p

While of course for Muslims, we’re advised to always istighfar and stay calm. I’m still not totally a cool person but I hope as I grow older, I age wiser. I always admire oldies who are very calm and patient when it comes to irritating issues that youngsters would just blow quick tempered. I’m not sure it’s because they’ve gone through things like mine or they’re born tolerant or they just have no energy to nag. Hehe..I’m kidding.

Even if you’re right, yes you’re right.

Till the next post,


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