Recap 2016

The last day of 2016 was an ordinary weekend to me. Housekeeping, cooking and wrestling with the kids. Later in the evening I sat and wanted to take some time tweeting a bit about my 2016. But somehow the Twitter connection was bad, nothing that I texted managed to get posted. It kept failing until the clock tick that changed my age, I don’t feel like posting them anymore. So anti-climax.  But because I have a blog now, it’s worth to migrate them here and I can elaborate longer, for future remembrance.

It started well with some resolutions set. Mainly two things, I wanted to do and learn stock trading seriously and also started my online business. These two did not go well and not something that I will continue in 2017. Not that I don’t try but it just didn’t work out my way. It’s ok, I know learnt something from that beyond that. At least I tried. No regret.

The year that I did not involve with pregnancy, labor and breastfeeding activities (direct feeding only). Both kids are toddlers and I’m kinda comfortable with that. Had a session with husband on recapping our 2016 and goals setting for 2017 and we’re thinking of another no-baby year for us. I am just not ready physically and much to focus on Dhany and Ayash. But if there’s rezeki in that way, of course it must be a blessing from Allah . Just hope that everything will be easy.

I went to UK! London has been my dream place to go since I was born. Maybe I hoped I was born there. Haha. Finally a dream came true on my 30th birthday. Credit to my bestie Lia for the ad-hoc plan and of course my dear husband for the permission. I have such a cool husband when it comes to this. Alhamdulillah.

Now I have a new dream place to go. I will just let it be in my subconscious mind. It’s far and costly but who knows one day it will come true in the easiest way possible? Just like how London came to me. InsyaAllah.

We had our first family Raya photo-shoot and I love it so much! It wasn’t perfect but so meaningful. I wanna do it yearly and see my family grows.

2016 was a healthy year. Healthy in a way that there was no hospital admission to any one of the family members. Only some illnesses at some points of the year and we’re then back to normal. I have to remember this because being healthy is a huge blessing from Allah. I don’t want to wait until the time we get sick to only realize the gift of being healthy.

Savings failed. At the end of 2015, we bought a house. So throughout 2016 we’re settling down with the agreements and down-payment. All of our savings gone to financing that future house of ours. Hopefully we can do better this year. It’s so scary to live without extra cash on hand with the current economic condition.

September 2016 was the most significant month to me. Something happened that took an unexpected turn in my life since then. It’s irony that I always mention September is my least favourite month because I don’t like number “9” (haha, no point) but this September is precious. It’s not that usual wake-me-up-when-september-ends September. It’s a September to remember and I praise Allah for what He has planned for me and my family.

2016 has been another remarkable year. Good Bye.

Till the next post,


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