Assalamualaikum, welcome to my blog and welcome 2017! Today is 1st of January 2017, the day I re-enter this blog. It’s been more than four years since my last post before I abandoned this blog for so long.

The baby in my tummy was already born and he’s a big boy now! Not only that, he even has a little brother already! Haha.. how time flies with so many things happened in between.

Today I decided to blog again. Actually not today, it’s been like 2 years I feel like I wanted to blog but I’ve been procrastinating myself. So it’s my new year resolution to start blogging again. Blogging is always something that I love to do but it’s a commitment. Now I pledged to make time and effort to write habitually because this is actually my little passion.

At 12 midnight with the background of fireworks sound and people screaming happy new year! happy new year! at my apartment now, I switched on my laptop and googled my own blog. Luckily I managed to find my old email and reset my password and yeay here I am.

I promise to keep writing and will not abandon this ever again! Wow, typical new year spirit on the very first day of the year right? And it will remain for the month of January. After that? Krik krik? Haha. Hopefully not. I’m gonna make it. I know I’m gonna make it.

May this New Year bring us all new joy, new hope, new inspiration, new goals and new achievements with new taste of life.

Till the next post,

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