Take Your Belly Photo

Pregnancy is a nine-month journey. It takes you about three-quarter of a year to focus on the upcoming new life of yours. 9 months seem long but it’s plenty that you have to do. That is why people always come out with a pregnancy checklist. Basically you know…all the baby’s stuffs like the clothes and diapers, the feeding equipments for both breastfeeding and non-bf, travelling gears, even the baby’s nursery deco and there the list goes on. Sometimes it’s so funny thinking of such a birth of a little baby but requires a huge range of items. Mengalahkan org besar! Hehehe…

But that what brings the excitement doesn’t it mommies? Yeaa…well, it’s reasonable for parents-to-be to be worried on the “pocket outflows” on the way of welcoming the new member to the family. Because the fees and expenses are all nowadays become somewhat incredible. We can prioritize between necessities and non-necessities or not-so-necessities. But at the end of the day, the combination of woman-nature and new-mommy syndromes will make everything seems necessary! Hahaha….we want everything for our baby just like we want everything for ourselves. Women are born obsessed. Or typical women are born obsessed. And I am typical. What about you? Haha..

Still, constraint is constraint. So there goes your checklist to help you. Construct one and stick to it. There’s plenty on the net! You can just download and amend them to fit yours. I’ve done mine! Hope it helps. I even have created my own excel-based “Pregnancy Planner” by week by month by trimester, to track where and what phase I am now…mark future appointments and plans, and record past events all related to my maternity.  Should I share it with you all here? Hehe…laters!

So one of the tasks that must exist in your pregnancy checklist is… “Take your belly photo!” Priority? No. 1. Hehehe…yesss….pregnancy is more of a physical journey that will turn you to look like never before. It’s the tummy! Not only the tummy sometimes your other body parts are as well affected. Even the face will look chubby now. Well, some of you might not like it. Some M2Bs are worried they can’t go back into shape after giving birth. That’s one thing to concern on. But, could you discount that first and treasure the moment you are experiencing now? It’s so wonderful to know that there’s a resident inside you! Let’s call them our “tiny resident”. Hehe.. I got that cute term from the web. 😉

My point is, go dress up and snap yourself a picture! Put it in your checklist every month..yeah? My first belly photo was at my 17th week.. almost 4 months it started to be quite obvious. Will continue this from time to time. Sadly I see I don’t glow during pregnant. My face is so pale. Worse than when I was not pregnant. Some preggy ladies are just hot n bak kate org berseriiii gitu but that’s not what happen to me. Hmmmphh…Hahhaha..Whatever…just for kenang-kenangan. It’s the tummy awareness, pls! 😛 Years from now, show those pics to your kids and tell them “you were inside there kicking mom you know!” hehe…berangan sudah~

Thought I wanna upload it in this post but my babbling is sooo lengthy already! Check out next! 😉

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