Announcing the PRE-Arrival

“You’re Gonna Be a Dad!”

Have you ever thought or have you ever imagined the moment you know you’re pregnant and how would you share it with your partner? Would you make a call straightaway and shout out “we’re gonna have a baby!!!” or, would you waittt until he comes home and keep the patience in excitement? Or, would you make something creative by giving him a box of present containing the pregnancy test that shows “Pregnant”?…how surprising!

What about me? Haha.. Actually, we once made a conversation about this.. I asked him how would he want me to break the news?? Any of the ways above?? 😀 Nope, he said he wanted us to check the home pregnancy test together! Like thattt?? So….i kept that in mind and when the time I passed my period cycle, I know what to do. But hey, that’s not what happened! Haha.. Sorry daddy-to-be, mommy’s too rushed that she didn’t wait for you! 😀

Haha…it’s not that I don’t wanna wait for him. Buttt… how if the result is negative? Would it be frustrating? It’d be sooo anti-climax so what I thought was, if that’s a negative result…let me just face it alone, right? I’m just fine… :p Actually, I once did an Ovulation Test in  the previous months…the result turned negative for all the 5 sticks 5 days that made us feel….”em, why?” Ouh, forget it first. Ovulation Test is another story I will share in different post.

So! How did I break the news to my husband?? Haha… It was a funny story..cut it short, he came home and I told him, know what he responded? “TIPU??”

Hahaha…..hello?? syg x pernah kot main2 psl pregnant b4 this! X kan la nk tipuuu…! Haha…. Apela..n then I showed him the pregnancy test, lepas tu dua2 mcm terawang2 kejap btol ke btol ke? Alhamdulillahhh………




Home pregnancy test is not a professional to confirm your pregnancy. Once you’ve seen it positive, you gotta go see doctor, he/she will do the scan on ur lower tummy and find the sac.

So after doing the home UPT, we decided to see doctor. Because we’re about to balik kampong that weekend, abg said lets just to clinic dt kg. Ok, fine..wlupon mcm x sabar okayyy nak tggu weekend!

Balik kg, we went to this one clinic…paham x perasaan x sabar nak di scan nk tgk baby dlm perut tu?? Walaupon of course la blom mcm baby pon tapi teruja semacam ok! Masuk2 je bilik doc tu, bgtau la die nk confirm pregnancy kan.

Doc tu ckp, “Ok, boleh..kte boleh buat urine test tapi…..kat cni xde ultrasound scan la. Xde machine.”

Me : ????

Me : “Oh, x buat scan camne saye nk confirm kan?”

Doc tu ckp kte buat je urine test lg skali. Tapiii….almaklumlah time tu kan bulan pause. X terase la plak nk buang. 5-10 minit dok kat toilet, xde hasil pon! Hmmmphh hampeh sgt… last2 doc tu just tanye2 last period, symptoms muntah ke x la whatsoever…n then die kate kte xleh nk confirm kan pape lah based on ur symptoms nie say that you’re pregnant. Lagi pon  dah a week plus lmbt dtg period. Sooo…congratulations! Enjoy ur pregnancy! Bla bla blaa….

Okayyyyy…..tapiiii…..hmmmm……anti-climax tak?? Hurhh…bole pulak gi clinic yg xde scan. Ade lg satu clinic tu ade, tapi doctor plak lelaki n agak Islamic so die x buat pregnant2 nie…pulak dah.

So, blk kl jelah br kteorg pergi lg satu Klinik Sakit Puan near to our house, hmmphh doctor nie plak xtau la dr Negara mane ape die ckp pon x phm. But we managed to get an ultrasound scan lah…and yeahhhh! It’s there! Hahaha…br puas hati 😀 Walaupon yg nmpk tu hanye lah sebijik bulat aje tp oklah kan! Hehe.. Obsessed sgtt. Biase la tu~~



When is actually the right time for you to share the good news with your people, about your pregnancy? Right after you’re confirmed, you are only in the mid of the 1st trimester. Still early, too early. And as you all know, being in the 1st trimester, you are exposed to a high risk of miscarriage. Scary, isn’t it?

How can you be keeping that as a secret while that was the thing you’ve been waiting for? (Lagi2 klu org keliling asyik2 dok tanye “nie dah ade isi ke belommm?”) – Typical, right?

But, how if it ended with a pregnancy loss? You’ve been in excitement, ppl have congratulated you, you’ve started planning this and that…but then? Worthless? Sad and frustrated of course…Worse, if there’s anyone kinda-blaming you for spreading the news too fast. Like “tu laa….excited sgtt”. Devastating! So that is why some ppl would advise you to keep it low first until you have reached your 3-4 months.

But well, to me, I have my own humble opinion on this. Sharing the good news with the ppl around you in the early stage of pregnancy is nothing wrong. We never knew what’s gonna happen in the next few weeks, few months. Though keeping it low up to the second trimester, are you ever excluded from the risk in later trimester? No.

It’s your new joy. So share it with the ppl you love! Family first, definitely, and friends! Even an extended circle of friends, they might be the ones who would tell you more info you ever needed regarding your pregnancy.  That helps!

These are the ppl that gonna give you support. Though sometimes they are telling something that you already know, like jgn mkn nenas, byk kan bace surah tu surah nie..kan common tu sume..but that makes you and your baby feel lovedddd! Hehe..

Early stage of pregnancy isn’t easy with all the morning sickness and hormonal changes. So they will or should understand. And also, they are the ppl you’re gonna turn to, IF (Nauzubillah) the unwanted thing happened to happen. Imagine a situation when those ppl don’t even know you’re pregnant, and tetibe dah miscarriage. Time tu la br nak bgtau good news yg dh jd bad news. Kan mcm x best sbb dr awal pon x share …btol x?

And if you don’t even wanna tell ppl everything. Pregnant ke miscarriage ke..all you keep it to yourself (and just ur close family),manage ur emotional pain alone and move on like it never happened, there will be a situation ppl keep asking you that “favourite question”….feeling? Dah la org tu sedih dgn miscarriage nyer pastu org dok tanye2 lg like we can “never make it” or “plan ker”…biase la typical malay. So at least, if ppl do know that you have gone thru the distressful state, they shouldn’t be asking and know you are trying.

You got that conclusion? Hahah! Tbe2 pjg plak cite psl nie..ntah, rase mcm annoyed plak with certain ppl yg too superstitious and cynical. Whatever it is, its all the rezeqi from Allah. We all knew that. So, act like you know it lah!

Us, the very first person we made the call was my mom! This lil baby is gonna be her 3rd grandchild insyaAllah. After we have confirmed the pregnancy, then only we started telling my other families and in-laws and close friends. Everyone was happy with the news! Alhamdulillah…

Done sharing my things and thoughts on this PRE-Arrival topic. Though I started this blog quite early (at my 10 weeks), I still have a lot more to share within that, and more to come! The idea is to make it in sequence (meaning, my stories in sequential posts). But it seems like I can’t beat the speed! Like tomorrow, I’m gonna have my 2nd routine checkup with the gynae. But I haven’t updated my story about my 1st checkup experience! Slowww la mommy!! Hehehe…

So.. I guess I just skip it to the current / latest one. And will slot in anything that pop-up into my mind whenever it does. Like who cares??? Hahahha…k bye!!!  Do come back 😀


Update : *My Lil’ Baby inside is now 12 weeks old!*

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