Me, Preggy

After this, I’ll be talking about the progress of my pregnancy. So now let me so-called officially announce about this, and put some details! Wat pe nak officially announce?? The title above is crystal clear kottt! Hehe..

Yes, I am. I am currently pregnant my very first baby and the moment I’m writing this post, I am currently in my 11th week ~ about 2 and a half months! 😉


Just for the record,

My 1st day of LMP : 20th June 2012

My EDD : 27th March 2013 😉


*LMP = Last Menstrual Period

*EDD = Expected Due Date

The time I knew I’m pregnant, it’s 5 weeks already. That was the most wonderful 25th July in my life! Hubby and I have been married for 5 months and we had the most wonderful time “honeymoon-ing”. I guess this baby’s arrival is just in time! Not so early not so late. =p

And that was also the holy month of Ramadhan. That also means, I completed my fasting dengan pause penuh! Well done, Mommy!! Hehe…That wasn’t easy though! But still, Alhamdulillahh…Syukur sgt!! Terase nikmat nyer.. 🙂

Next, I wanna share about my early pregnancy symptoms, al-kisah home urine pregnancy test, confirmation checkup anddd…pape saje lah. I should go week-by-week right? See how~

p/s : Me, Preggy ;p

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