Stretch Marks

Being pregnant is always associated with food cravings and weight-gaining. With the growing baby inside your tummy, your belly as well will certainly extend to a size you have never been before. Big! Don’t worry, you’ll love it. Looking forward and counting days to meeting your baby, you’ll definitely be happy seeing the bump everyday. … Continue reading Stretch Marks

Pregnancy @ Week 10 : 1st Check-up

I typed this entry right after I returned from the hospital. But then I forgot where did I save this file. Then I just found it now I’m gonna post it up. Read it as it is but now actually I’m already in my 15th week. Enjoy ~ Yeay, today is the day of my … Continue reading Pregnancy @ Week 10 : 1st Check-up

The Guessing Game

1st Ramadhan falls on 21st July 2012 while my Menstrual Calendar marked 20th July is the next menses period. Alaaa…. X dpt la sambut Ramadhan camnie.. (“sambut Ramadhan” as in dpt puasa on the 1st day of Ramadhan la). Eeee…arap2 la ‘kuar’ lmbt sket…satu hari pon jadilah.Tetibe, dah msk bln, x period lg..Alhamduillah, dpt jgk pause on the 1st day of Ramadhan … Continue reading The Guessing Game