About Salzy

Hi! How are you all doing? As promised, in this post Ill be talking a lil’ bit about myself.

My Name : Nur Saleha Binti Malek Reedzwan….wahh full name bagi! But, klu dlm Facebook, Twitter and even among my friends, I am more known as SALZ. Dr skola pon eja Sal –  Salzzz…. Hehehe…So there comes SALZY! Y tu, ngade2 jerr…biar rhymes! Rhymes with?? Mommy!! Hehehe…Salzy-Mommy…=D (Mommy? Will tell you more about this!)

Told ya before that I was a blogger, right. I started blogging since I was in my 1st year of college in 2006…until….last year? 2011…Then why did I stop? No, I didn’t stop. I just abandoned it. Yelahh…blogger pon bukan lah blogger tegarrr…post pon cite psl diri sendiri jekk..life n so on..lame2, dah mcm xde mase nk blogging consistently. Now, I’m making a comeback (to my own self…hahah).. I’m back to blogging, and it’s a whole brand new blog for your readings..and specific topics! 😉

Tp tu lah..bile dah start a new blog nie kene lah start all over again and kene la intro2 diri sendiri sume kan…hmmm.. So, to cut it short, for you to know more about the person babbling here, you may just go to my previous blog..its all about me and nothing else! Obsessed isn’t it? Hahah…That was me youngster. Skrg tidak lagi…Yeke…?? Hehehhe… I call it “My Kunang-Kunang”


And this is me. Nie lastest picture punyer 27/08/12 baru amek pagi tadi nak gi keje. Hehe..


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